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Male To Female Feminize

Male to female feminization, sexchange, forced fem, male to female and sissy. For more feminisation fantasies visit Tranisa.Com

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Totally feminized!!!! Do you see a man in these photos?

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Holly and Sapphire tell you how to crossdress and live out your sissy fantasy. To see the complete video visit our feminisation studio here

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Here we have the perfect FemBoy, being feminized by Lara and Holly. You can see the full feminisation here

Shemale Girly Boy and My Brothers First Bra, both amazing feminisation films available from Tranisa Studios

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Underground Transsexual Models and Porn Stars of the 1980s and 1990s

Poster for Shock Transformation: Watch Now Here

From Tranisa Studios - our best selling FORCED FEMINIZATION fantasy - SHOCK TRANSFORMATION.

A shocking tale of forced she-male transformation. A young man is physically transformed by two beautiful women from a male into a she-male. His body is feminized for a period of three months. When he sees his body for the first time, in a full length mirror, he totally is shocked at how his body has been feminized. Now with long blonde hair, smooth hairless skin, pert little breasts and a pierced cock. Realising he is no longer a real man, he is forced to accept his new body and fate at the hands of the beautiful girls. Lara and Holly set to work selecting suitable sexy underwear and a dress ready for him to work in their kinky brothel.

This edition also includes a short promo at the end of the film for our BEST SELLING FORCED FEM FILM - SEXCHANGE EXPERIMENT CAMP which is also available to buy in our Clips4Sale Store

What our customers say : Having just finished watching both new films (Shock Transformation & My Brothers First Bra), I have to say that once again I was very impressed!! The acting, the camera shots, the editing... Holly your new actress is totally hot!! "

Staring Holly Kiss, Lara Latex, and Kat Roskilly. English language